Sen. Ted Cruz took a swipe at CNN on Thursday after it shared a link to a story about the Senate healthcare reform bill with a tweet that teased his "so-called Consumer Freedom amendment."

"Weird … my search for tweets from CNN mentioning the 'so-called Affordable Care Act' turned up no results," Cruz said in response, adding a link to the Twitter search.

Cruz's swipe at CNN comes as another prominent Republican has alleged CNN has an impartiality problem: President Trump, who considers CNN, among others, to be "fake news." He recently caused a stir when he tweeted out a GIF of himself tackling CNN.

CNN's tweet on Thursday, as well as the story to which it links, mentions the Texas senator's "so-called Consumer Freedom amendment."

Cruz announced on Thursday he would support the GOP's Senate healthcare bill after a version of an amendment he's been pushing was added to the latest draft. The amendment would allow insurers to offer plans that don't abide by Obamacare's regulations as long as they also offer at least one plan that fully complies with the law on the exchanges.

The senator has long sought a complete repeal and replacement of former President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law.

The CNN report describes Cruz's amendment as one that is "contentious" among moderate Senate Republicans with concerns about access to affordable healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions.