In the aftermath of the divisive fight to defund Obamacare, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has returned to promoting what he hopes will be a more unifying message in economic growth.

"If there is any word that Republicans should have tattooed on their hand, it's 'growth,' " Cruz said during a Reagan Dinner in Iowa Oct. 25.

Cruz reminded Republican conservatives of the political power of being pro-economic growth and how it was a key to President Reagan's success.

"We need to be about economic growth all the time, every day, that's how we turn the country around," he said.

Cruz asked the crowd to take out their cellphones and text the word 'growth' to the number 33733, saying that was one of the ways he hopes to build a grassroots army in the likeness of the Reagan revolution that began with his unsuccessful pursuit of the Republican presidential nomination in 1976 and came to full flower following his defeat of President Carter in 1980.

"The way we're going to get back to economic growth — it's not going to come from Washington, it's not from elective officials in Washington, it's going to come from the American people," Cruz said.

The Texas Republican called for unity, scorning traditional media outlets like the New York Times for publishing a flood of stories about the Republican civil war.

"We need to unify, we need to come together and let me tell you, growth and freedom are principals and ideals that unify the entire Republican party," Cruz said.

"They are principals and ideals that unify the evangelical community with the liberty movement, with the business community, growth and freedom are principals that bring together the main street and the Tea Party," he said.