For a 46-year-old "Star Trek" fan, Sen. Ted Cruz's social media game is surprisingly respectable. But in a tweet posted on Thursday night, the Texas Republican waded into serious, pleated-jeans territory with a swing-and-a-miss crack at "snowflakes."

Cruz tried to get sassy on so-called "net neutrality" regulations, crafting mock dialogue between a "Snowflake" and an "Informed observer" that fell just short of Aaron Sorkin's best work. See below:

As usual, dads get to jokes at least a year after the kids have retired them — it just looks worse when you come in as hot as Cruz did, wielding condescending snark like a blowtorch trained on a flurry of unsuspecting flakes falling gently from the gray winter sky.

If the senator is looking for some edgy, new music picks to enjoy, he might consider giving this soon-to-be smash a listen before it goes mainstream.