Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, suggested that young people in America didn't need the continued "condescension and patronizing" from Washington in a continued effort to get them to sign up for Obamacare

Cruz made his comments after radio host Ben Shapiro asked him on Tuesday about the line from first lady Michelle Obama in a recent ad reminding young people that "we nag you because we love you."

Cruz responded that the comment reminded him of the first lady referring to young people as "knuckleheads" during an appearance with comedian Jimmy Fallon.

"You know I think young people can do without the condescension and patronizing from Washington," Cruz said.

Cruz said President Obama refused to recognize that he had jeopardized the entire U.S. economy and health care system.

"My strongest reaction is that the president is doing a lot of pop culture, he's sitting between a couple of ferns, he's hanging out with basketball stars, he's trying to say that everything is hip and hunky dory without taking responsibility to the over 6 million people who have had their health insurance policies canceled because of Obamacare," Cruz said.