Like son, like father in the Cruz of Texas family, at least when it comes to urging Hispanics to follow Sen. Ted Cruz into the conservative wing of the GOP.

The new senator's father, Rafael Cruz, who fled Cuba and landed on American shores penniless and unable to speak English 55 years ago, is setting himself up to be a passionate and authentic face of the Republican Party's outreach to Hispanics.

Over the weekend, he debuted on the Heritage Foundation's blog in a short interview about his son, the Tea Party underdog who won his Senate seat last November. "Only in America can someone start with nothing and achieve the American Dream," said the elder Cruz.

Cruz made the case that Hispanics share values with conservatives and, as a result, should vote "according to their convictions, instead of voting tradition." He noted that "Hispanics values are conservative values. Hispanics are highly religious. They are very strong pro-traditional family. Family unity is very strong among Hispanics. Hispanics in the great majority are strongly not only pro-family, but pro-life. They are highly patriotic."

Asked what the GOP could do to win them over, Cruz said the key is communicating the similar values. "We all have the same desire. We honor liberty, we honor hard work and to be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. And we all want to achieve our dreams and aspirations and I think that conservative cause is the best way to achieve that great American Dream."