A recently fired communications professor at University of California, Los Angeles is offering a strong warning to campus GOP members: “If they can get rid of a professor like me for speaking his mind, what is stopping them from doing the same thing to all of you?”

Keith Fink taught popular classes at UCLA and was known for his devoted defense of free speech rights. The university terminated him earlier this year for failing to pass a performance review, though Fink maintains that the review was “biased” against him, as an answer to his staunch support of the First Amendment.

Last week, Fink addressed the GOP student group at UCLA, comparing the current war on free speech to the “Red scare.”

In his talk, titled “UCLA’s Dirty Tricks Against Conservatives,” he denounced the leadership of the university.

“They twist the rules, they distort the rules, they ignore the rules,” he said.

Prior to his termination, Fink was one of the more popular professors on campus. His classes often centered on free speech and the waiting lists for his classes boasted over 200 students. In addition to his support of free speech, Fink has also spoken out against microaggressions and safe spaces. He is open about his political opinions and the climate of his classes. He acknowledged that discussion in his classes could get intense while he was a professor and he is adamant that he never desired to be politically correct.

Despite his mistreatment by the university, Fink would like to return to UCLA.

“I could teach many, many places. I want to teach here,” he told the College Fix.

Fink soberly told the Bruin Republican group that they are not “safe.” If Fink’s history with UCLA is any indication, conservative students and faculty alike face retaliation simply for expressing Constitutional beliefs.

Aubree Poole is a contributor for Red Alert Politics who enjoys traveling and composing music.