Democrat Terry McAuliffe continues to outpace Republican Ken Cuccinelli’s fundraising efforts and now holds a significant $3.3 million cash-on-hand advantage in the Virginia governor race.

McAuliffe raised more than $1.9 million in June, his campaign announced Monday, surpassing the $1.1 million Cuccinelli reported. In all, McAuliffe has $6 million in the bank compared to Cuccinelli’s $2.7 million.

McAuliffe, who made his name as a professional fundraiser for Democrats and the Clinton family, has held a distinct fundraising edge over Cuccinelli throughout the race. His campaign noted 5,100 donations were received in June, while Cuccinelli announced 3,741.

“It’s clear that Virginians want a governor like Terry McAuliffe who will focus on mainstream ideas to strengthen and diversify the economy, and not someone who puts his own extreme social agenda first even if its not in the best interest of Virginia,” said McAuliffe spokesperson Josh Schwerin.

Much has been written about Cuccinelli’s inability to keep up with McAuliffe, or even the pace set by Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell in his successful 2009 race. Many donors who contributed to McDonnell are staying on the sideline for now, waiting to be impressed by either candidate.

Cuccinelli, though, has won races before in which he was outspent. In 2009 he was elected attorney general over Democrat Stephen Shannon despite a $600,000 fundraising disadvantage. And he eked out a 92-vote victory in a 2007 state Senate race in which he was outspent.

The national parties, which have already contributed heavily to both candidates, and interest groups also figure to stay financially involved in what is one of the few tight political contests in the country this year.

“The great support we had this month proves Ken Cuccinelli’s positive message of growing the economy, creating jobs and easing the regulatory burdens on middle-class families is resonating in Virginia,” said campaign manager Dave Rexrode. “This reporting period shows Ken Cuccinelli will have the resources necessary to spread his message of economic prosperity throughout the commonwealth.”