Democrat Terry McAuliffe raised almost twice as much as Republican Ken Cuccinelli in September, has spent twice as much in the Virginia governor race, and has twice as much left in the weeks leading up to Election Day.

September's fundraising totals, released late Tuesday, are a microcosm of the race to date. McAuliffe, a career fundraiser, has outraised Cuccinelli at every turn, and it's a big reason why he enters the home stretch with a seven-point lead over the Republican attorney general, according to the poll average on

McAuliffe reported a $6.2 million haul last month, outpacing Cuccinelli's $3.4 million, and had about $2 million on hand as of Sept. 30 to Cuccinelli's $1 million. The Democrat also spent about $6.6 million during those 30 days, while Cuccinelli noted $4.4 million in expenses.

Both the Republican and Democratic governors associations threw $1 million into the race while the state GOP handed Cuccinelli a $500,000 check last month. McAuliffe received more than $1 million worth of in-kind donations from Planned Parenthood's political operation, which has been active in the race since the start.

McAuliffe paid $20,000 to the consulting firm of Boyd Marcus, a longtime Republican strategist and operative in the state who notably backed the Democrat in late August. Marcus previously worked for Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, who Cuccinelli successfully pushed out of the race.

Even though he was outraised, Cuccinelli received 700 more individual donations than McAuliffe.

Robert Sarvis, a Libertarian candidate who has polled near 10 percent despite operating on a shoe-string budget, raised $27,000 in September.