If you had to choose the greatest president in the history of the United States, who would it be? Washington? Lincoln?  Reagan?

During his New York City book party in 2007, former Democratic fundraiser Terry McAuliffe chose former President Clinton.

McAuliffe reminded the crowd that he spent a lot of time with Clinton, even during family vacations.

“It has been one of the greatest experiences in my life,” McAuliffe said of his time with Clinton. “In addition, he happens to be the greatest president our country has ever had…”

McAuliffe bragged that his book party, held in January of 2007, was timed to coincide with Hillary Clinton’s announcement for president.

“Think about it folks, you have President Bill Clinton and Terry McAuliffe in the same room and we’re paying for all the food and booze!” he said gleefully.

McAulliffe also thanked his wife, Dorthy, for “putting up with all this insanity,” adding that a NBC ‘Today Show’ producer once asked him how his wife put up with him.

“Honey, I could have never done this without you Dorthy, wherever she is,” he said gazing around the room in search of his wife.

“Where’s Dorthy?” he asked the crowd. “She’s at the bar. Oh, here she is back there, there she is in the back at the right. I wouldn’t blame her if she hit the bar.”

McAuliffe joked that Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was at the party and was planning to make a movie about it and added that Rev. Al Sharpton asked to play him in the film.

“I said ‘sure,’” McAuliffe joked pointing out Sharpton in the audience. “Similar hair, you know, we have a lot of great personality stuff together.”