Virginia Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe is a vocal champion of corporatism and he openly intermixes campaign contributions with public policy, so reporting on his corporatist dalliances won't be surprising — but it can at least be entertaining.

Today, we get McAuliffe's first appointment to a position of trust and honor in the Commonwealth: Levar Stoney as Secretary of the Commonwealth. You won't be surprised to hear Stoney's past job: chief lobbyist for subsidy-suckling, visa-for-sale-scheming electric car company GreenTech Automotive.

The Franklin Center reports:

Stoney was director of public and government affairs for McAuliffe’s GreenTech Automotive from May 2010 to December 2012. His departure from the electric car company coincided with the time the firm said McAuliffe stepped down as chairman. Stoney was McAuliffe’s deputy campaign manager.

UPDATE: Norm Leahy at Bearing Drift adds:

Levar Stoney, the deputy campaign manager for Terry McAuliffe’s campaign, admitted in 2006 that he lied to Milwaukee County interrogators to protect a handful of Democratic operatives who were later convicted of slashing the tires of Wisconsin Republican Party vans on Election Day.

“I wasn’t going to try and get my friends, my colleagues, in trouble. Nor was I going to get the Democratic Party in trouble as well,” Stoney, then a Democratic Party get-out-the-vote organizer in Wisconsin, told a Milwaukee County court.