Texas Rep. Brian Babin, a Republican, said Wednesday he and his family are trapped in their home in southeastern Texas with no way to leave unless flood waters recede, which they expect to occur this evening.

"I am absolutely trapped in my house," Babin told CNN. "I don't have a way to get out until flood waters recede here."

Babin lives in Woodville, Texas, which is in Tyler County, and said he is with one of his children and his grandchildren. The Texas Republican said his house is located behind a creek that is at flood stage, blocking his exit.

But Babin reassured CNN he and his family are safe and are more worried about others whose lives have been in danger as residents of southeastern Texas face catastrophic flooding.

"We could not get out unless a helicopter plucks me out of here or I get my boat and launch it, but we're fine," he said. "These waters are going to recede hopefully sometime this evening, and we're doing well."

Babin also said despite having been a life-long resident of East Texas, he has never seen a storm like Hurricane Harvey.

"This hurricane is of a magnitude that I have never seen before," he said. "I'm from this part of the country. I've seen many tornadoes and hurricanes and flood events. Never have I seen one like this."

Hurricane Harvey made landfall over the weekend, bringing record-setting rainfall to southeastern Texas. Thousands have been displaced due to the flooding, and FEMA said Wednesday 30,000 people in the impacted areas have moved into 230 shelters so far.