Dear Colleagues:

Over the past two years, we have accomplished a great deal in carrying out our mission to protect human health and the environment; we have a lot to be proud of. We have fundamentally changed the way in which we work with our tribal partners, in a positive way. The region's relationships with our state partners have never been better. The agency is close to being able to complete a risk assessment for exposure to Libby amphibole, and that will help the Libby community see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our NEPA team has pioneered ways in which we can work with our sister federal agencies in finding ways to facilitate energy production while protecting the environment, one of the President's priorities. Our emergency response teams did exemplary work in responding to the Yellowstone River oil spill, and in cleaning up the spill.

Of course, many challenges and opportunities lie ahead, for the agency and the region. Nevertheless, I am supremely confident in your ability to meet those challenges and to improve the lives of the people and communities we serve.

However, for me, it has come time to leave public service after six wonderful but challenging years, first serving Governor Ritter and then the President and the Administrator. It is time that I turn my attention to my family, and to considering my next step in life. Therefore, I wanted you to know that I have submitted my resignation, effective close of business Friday, February 22.

I will always remember the time we spent together and the things we accomplished. I wish each and all of you God's speed in the months and years to come.