Thank goodness they weren’t carding at the door of last week’s twentyfivefortyfive party. See, my driver’s license would have busted me as being a little beyond the age bookends of this relatively new group. Never heard of twentyfivefortyfive? Well, by official definition, the group is “an initiative of The Columbia Foundation, which serves as a catalyst for building a more caring, creative and effective community in Howard County by encouraging philanthropy among those between the ages of 25 - 45.”

Like I said, good thing they didn’t card at the door. I’m 46.

But pushing age aside for a minute, I like the people the group attracts. I like the vibe. And I like the new tradition popping up around the ever-so-popular and lovely annual Spring Party event hosted by The Columbia Foundation. For the past two years, the twentyfivefortyfive group has hosted a Spring Party after-party at a nearby walkable location. This year the party was at the newly opened Union Jack's Columbia restaurant, which -- if you’ve yet to check it out -- replaces "That’s Amore" and boasts an amenity few restaurants in Columbia have: honest-to-goodness outdoor seating. Union Jack’s website describes the place as “Not quite a bar and not quite a restaurant ... a British hybrid of sorts, offering a casual-meets-refined atmosphere that welcomes beer drinkers and wine aficionados, non-fussy eaters and foodies alike." I’ll give ‘em that. Nice vibe overall. And it’s not a nationwide chain restaurant, to boot. Check it out. :-)

Back to the after-party: there were no speeches, no clinking sounds of flatware against glassware to get folks’ attention; no, it was simply an opportunity for residents in Columbia and Howard County who are, um, of a certain age, to connect, network and be together.

HoCoMoJo was the core sponsor with Jodi Finkelstein, Dennis Lane, aka wordbones, MBC Precision Imaging, Courtney Odum-Duncan, Princeton Sports, Anne and Bill Santos, Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz and Howard Schwartz, and Camela Weathersbee pitching in as well.

Curious to see who was there? Some photos from the event can be found at Denee Barr’s Flickr page.

Rock on.