Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer nearly wept on Tuesday's "Morning Joe" as co-host Mika Brzezinski asked how he has changed since he was forced to resign in 2008 in the wake of revelations he patronized high-priced prostitutes.

Spitzer is far from the only politician making cry-faces in recent days. Here's a Washington Examiner selection of political weepers:

1. The man of the hour, Eliot Spitzer:

(photo via Buzzfeed)


2. President Obama (he manages to stay dignified though):

(photo via


3. House Speaker John Boehner (you knew this was coming):

(photo via


4. Even bear-wrestler Vladimir Putin cries:

(photo via the New Yorker)


5. Former presidents can cry, too:

(photo via AP)


6. Although sometimes the crying is coupled with a death stare:

(photo via Reuters)


7. There is no age limit on crying:

(photo via AP)


8. It's not only the men who cry:

(photo via Raedle/Getty)


9. It was only a primary, Newt:

(photo via Getty Images)


10. Never type "Anthony Weiner" into Google Images...

(photo via Sun News Network)


11. Former Rep. Jesse Jackson can cry when he's happy

(photo via Slate)


12. But what's Gov. Scott Walker got to cry about?

(photo via David Goldman/AP)