Huff left Ward 2 D.C. Councilman Jack Evans' office earlier this year to become American University's community relations director.

You worked in city government for a long time. Why did you move to AU?

I was definitely at a point in my life where I was looking for a new opportunity, but I was also interested in staying with the community relations side. That was probably my favorite part of working for the city. I was out of the office interacting with residents almost as much as I was in the office.

Do you have a favorite memory of working for D.C.?

When I worked for the Metropolitan Police Department, I got to dress up as McGruff the Crime Dog. It was by far the coolest thing I've ever done. We'd be out in some pretty tough neighborhoods, and the toughest guy on a street corner would see McGruff and just melt.

Will you return to politics?

I live in Logan Circle, and I'm going to stay involved at the neighborhood level. I'll also remain involved with Jack, and I'm sure I'll be volunteering for his mayoral campaign.

You earned your graduate degree from AU. What's it like to work for your alma mater?

Pretty incredible. I'm finding that I'm now getting a chance to work with some of my old professors and some of the folks I knew up here. This also gives me an opportunity to kind of rediscover the neighborhood and branch out beyond Ward 2.

You know Ward 2 well, but what's your favorite thing to do in the city as a whole?

Running around the monuments and stuff ?-- especially at nighttime when it's dead and the winter when it's cold and clear, is real special. Those are the moments that I treasure, the ones where I feel like I'm really in the nation's capital.

- Alan Blinder