Lindsay is one of the owners of the Board Room, a new bar where people are able to rent board games. The bar, located near Dupont Circle, had its soft opening Tuesday.

Tell me a little bit about Board Room.

We thought, "What's a fun activity that you can do to while away the hours and to socialize?" and the answer was board games. And instead of just doing your usual suspects like cards and Connect Four, which we have, we thought, "Let's expand that even more and let's offer kind-of nostalgia-based board games like Mouse Trap, Operation, Don't Break the Ice, backgammon, chess, checkers, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Taboo, Risk, Trouble, Sorry." ... We basically wanted this bar to be kind of like a really cool place to hang out if there was a snow day. So just chock-full of activities and things that aren't run-of-the-mill and aren't everyday.

We have a vintage 100-disc jukebox and we also have a number of vintage coin-operated games. ... The idea is come for a drink and stay because you're meeting new people or you have a group outing and you're having a good time.

What's your favorite board game?

We are big fans of Scrabble here. All of our employees are Scrabble fans and we have Scrabble tournaments. We also play a ton of Yahtzee and we've really been playing a lot of the "Pac-Man," "Ms. Pac-Man." We've been enjoying unpacking the games. We played Operation [the other] night for a couple of hours, and it's fun to revisit those games.

What's your least favorite board game?

To be honest with you, I think I've done Connect Four kind of to death. It limits what you can do with it because you can only play with two people.