Mullin is executive director of Rock Creek Conservancy, a nonprofit working to protect Rock Creek and revitalize Rock Creek Park.Mullin, an environmental attorney, joined the organization as a volunteer to protect her local creek, and became the executive director in 2007. Her group will host a hike onSaturday to celebrate National Trails Day. The hike begins at8:45 a.m.

Where are you from? How'd you get to D.C.?

I grew up in Kentucky and North Carolina. One of my favorite pastimes was going to the park and climbing on rocks and playing by the creek. I learned to love nature that way and wanted a career helping to protect it. I thought D.C. would be the best spot to make a difference across the country and the world.When I got here, I realized what I really cared about was an amazing park right in our back yard.

What is Rock Creek Conservancy?

It's the only nonprofit dedicated to Rock Creek and its parkland. We hold lots of volunteer events, work with park neighbors, and serve as a voice for protection of Rock Creek.

What is special about Rock Creek?

You can experience the wonder of nature without leaving the city. Beautiful woodlands, sparkling water, the hoot of an owl, and the scent of the forest are all right here and available for everyone to enjoy... Just driving through the park is relaxing, but it's even more fun if you get out of the car. There are hiking and biking trails, golf, tennis, horseback riding, boating, playing fields and picnic spots.

What should people expect for the hike on National Trails Day?

An experienced guide will lead a group to explore the most wild and beautiful part of Rock Creek Park. It will be fun for both experienced and new hikers. People are welcome to come for a portion of the hike if they don't want to do all six miles.

-- Scott McCabe