Rivers is chairman of the Miracle League of Alexandria, a group of residents who provide recreation opportunities for individuals with special needs.

What is the Miracle League and whom does it serve?

It's dedicated to ensuring that people in our community with special needs can experience sports outdoors. There really aren't any outdoor sports facilities available to individuals with special needs in Alexandria, so we wanted to start a league to give everyone that experience.

You don't play on just any ball field, though, right?

We play on a Miracle Field, which is a little shorter than a regulation field and is an entirely rubberized surface that allows mobility for wheelchairs and walkers. It's a safe, pleasant environment with a plaza and picnic tables for our fans and players, who range from about 8 years old to their mid-50s.

How do the games work?

In the Miracle League, everyone gets a turn to bat, every hit is a home run, everyone gets a chance to handle the ball while they're in the field, and no scores are kept. We have volunteers -- we call them "Angels in the Outfield" -- to assist players in hitting, running and fielding, as well.

What made you want to get involved?

It just made sense. It was all for a good cause and a very doable project. It's a league that benefits an area of Alexandria that hasn't been helped as much as it should. And the project is widespread because we can use the field for many different sports. We're looking at assisted bowling, wheelchair basketball, senior programs, and we've also made it available to surrounding counties and the Wounded Warriors program.

How can people get involved?

Currently, we have two leagues that play in the fall and spring on Saturdays at 1 p.m. Anyone interested in participating or volunteering should contact myself at 703-683-6526, Mac Slover with the city or visit the website, miracleleagueofalexandria.com.

- Taylor Holland