Gill is a co-founder of Cupid's Undie Run. Events are being held in several cities, and the D.C. run will take place on Capitol Hill on Feb. 9. The runs raise money for the Children's Tumor Foundation, a nonprofit that helps individuals and families that are affected by neurofibromatosis -- genetic disorders that cause tumors to grow along nerves.

How did you come up with the idea to create the event?

This was an idea that came about from Brendan Hanrahan, who was my housemate at the time. His buddy Chad's little brother has this disorder called neurofibromatosis ... He wanted to do something that would benefit the Children's Tumor Foundation to help Chad's little brother basically, but didn't want to do the basic 5K or walk-a-thon ... Somehow, miraculously one day, this idea sprang into his head of, "Dude, let's get people together, run around in our underwear around D.C., maybe go to a bar, have a few drinks so it's fun. And that would be hilarious, wouldn't it?"... He got me involved, he got Chad involved.

Can people participate in the event if they aren't comfortable wearing only their underwear?

Yeah. We like to encourage all types to come on out ... As long as you're participating and you're having fun and there's some sort of underwear theme, we are all for creativity. We welcome everyone.

What kinds of underwear have you seen people wear at the event in past years?

If you can think of it, people have worn it. Of course, there's the eternal question, "Boxers or briefs?" [We] get a variety of those ... Some girl came and she wore skin-colored underwear and then she had these cardboard signs that were black and they said "censored" on them in white writing. And so she held those up in front of her so it looked like she was "censored."

?- Naomi Jagoda