Coleman is president and co-founder of 3 Stars Brewing Company in the District.

How did you get started?

I was running the Big Hunt in Dupont Circle. I was general manager and beer director there for a little over a decade, but about five years ago my business partner Mike bought a home brewing kit. He started brewing on his own and bringing me bottles to give feedback on, and after a while he invited me to start brewing with him, and that was the first domino that brought us to where we are now.

Why beer?

I think that brewing's an age-old practice and it's got a lot of great things about it. It's a social lubricant, it brings people together, it's always been a thing that a pub is a town gathering place. [Beer]'s got great social qualities to it, I think it's delicious. It's got a really rich history as a conduit of people coming together, sharing ideas, arguing maybe.

How do you choose what to brew?

Mike and I have always had a process where he and I will sit own and we'll talk about what we want to brew, what kind of profiles we want it to have, flavor characteristics. We come up with how much alcohol we want in there, the color, the body. All of the components you want in a beer, we'll talk about them. Through our extensive recipe process, we've honed how you get those characteristics out of the different hops, different malts, different additions. And then Mike goes to the formulas and basically builds it.

You're known for having high alcohol content in your beers. Is that intentional?

Absolutely. When Mike and I design beers, we look at styles we like to drink. We drink a lot of barrel-aged beers, big robust flavorful beers. Those are the beers we like to drink and those are the beers we like to brew. The high alcohol tends to just be a by-product.