Azer is an Alexandria attorney who on Tuesday is launching, a website that reviews local restaurants based on their family friendliness.

Where did you get the idea for the website?

I'm a mother, and I always say that's my favorite occupation. I don't have a traditional hobby -- I like to eat out. It's a novelty to me, and I wouldn't even say I'm a foodie. We wanted to eat out still, but where could we go? We started with trial and error. Which places had highchairs? Which places could accommodate us? I thought somebody needs to start a website to tell parents where they can have a good meal and their kids can have a good experience.

As a parent, what do you look for when you go out to eat?

I think we've all had the moment where you've forgotten a piece of gear. You're trying to eat your meal with your child on your lap -- you would have chosen differently if you knew they didn't have a highchair. And kids' menus are also a big deal. It's the little things as a parent that make the experience, such as waitresses putting a cherry or umbrella in a drink or getting that huge booth so your child can run around. A lot of local media do a great job telling you what the food is like but not so much about how places cater to children.

Who will write reviews for the site?

By families for families is our tagline. Other parents will go in and give a quick idea of their overall impression. Is it super family-friendly or better for date night? We don't do lengthy write-ups. Parents wants something fast and easy.

What does your son like to eat?

He would pick pasta or duck.

Isn't he just a 3-year-old?

What can I say? My son has quite the palate.

- Brian Hughes