Lesser is founder of the Kid International Discovery, or KID, Museum, a state-of-the-art children's museum planned for Montgomery County. Lesser said the group is halfway there and is now looking at spaces to make its dream a reality.

What can families expect at the children's museum?

We are envisioning a real interactive space. Often children's museums emphasize the younger kids, but we visualize our primary audience being 6 to 12 ... We want to emphasize the different countries that are represented in Montgomery County and give kids the chance to step into someone else's shoes in a different part of the world and experience what life is like for kids -- where they go to school, what types of foods they eat, what games they play.

What makes Montgomery County's museum unique?

We think there's a lot of opportunities that combine the science and technology and math skills with art and design projects. It's all about getting kids access to resources, different materials -- whether they're recycled materials or new materials or just different stuff. [Then] putting this stuff together in a space where kids can figure out what they can make using different skills.

Why do you think it's important to bring this to Montgomery County?

Schools [in the area] are really focused on academic rigor -- and that's very important -- but we feel we need more space for kids to have an opportunity to explore and really cultivate that creativity and curiosity. It really compliments what's happening in schools ... We live in such an international and culturally diverse community, we have opportunities to understand other cultures and create more dialogue in our community.

What other obstacles are you facing?

We're working on fundraising and working on identifying partners and space. Those are our major goals at this point to move forward.

???- Kate Jacobson