McQuitty is a special events manager for the city of Rockville, and organizes the city's Hometown Holidays Festival, which runs through Memorial Day Weekend, and features live music and local cuisine. The festival is in its 25th year.

What is new this year for the festival?

The site is considerably different than in previous years... We're providing multiple areas where people can grab a bit to eat from the [festival's] Taste of Rockville event at different venues... One of the restaurants featured is Chef Geoff's, which is serving Asian tuna tacos and a mango lemongrass lemonade. Taste of Rockville is a component of the festival and is put together by the Rockville Chamber of Commerce and Community Ministries.

What do residents say is their favorite part?

I would say definitely the bands. We have residents that contact us even in March, asking, 'Who are the bands that are coming to the festival this year?' Each year we kind of elevate the bands we get in. We like to make sure we have all different types of music for people to enjoy. This year one of the bands we're highlighting is [country musician] Shane Gamble and his band -- he is a Maryland native.

How many people do you expect this year?

We normally have about 40,000 to 50,000 attend and we expect the same amount this year. The festival has changed throughout the years, it started out as a one-concert event and it has grown and transformed as the community has grown, and now it's become one of the D.C. area's premier music festivals.

What's your favorite part?

I always like to take a few minutes several times in the day where I can [simply] enjoy the festival. I grab a bite to eat, and I pick out a few bands I really like to see, and I enjoy it just like everyone else.

-- Kate Jacobson