Woodson is a personal trainer and the owner of CORE Motivation Fitness in McLean.

Do D.C. area residents tend to be exercise junkies?

I think more people in the area, when you compare to the rest of the country, are probably more health-conscious than the average American ... I see definitely a lot more people working out, running, watching what they eat, being willing to invest in foods that are healthier even though they cost more.

Do you have any tips for people who might want to lose a few pounds that they gained over the holidays?

The biggest tip would be to make a decision to change their lifestyle and don't go into a mind-set of having a goal of just losing the weight from the holidays but make it a goal to be healthy. ... If they gained just a couple of pounds over the holiday and their lifestyle is intact, they're going to lose it anyway. They just started eating more over the holiday because there were a lot of sweets around and they were going to a lot of parties. If their lifestyle's in check and they eat properly throughout the course of each day and they're exercising on a regular basis, it's going to come off, because they're going to stop going to those parties.

A lot of people list losing weight and getting more exercise as two of their New Year's resolutions. How can people ensure that they stick to their goals?

They should sit down and be realistic about the time they can put into their training program and what type of changes they can make realistically in their eating plan so that they can move towards their goals. And when they put their plan together, if they're the type of person that will fall off track easily, get somebody to hold them accountable.

- Naomi Jagoda