Reed is a fitness specialist based in the Washington area whose company provides in-home personal training, group training, boot camps and weight-loss help.

Why has in-home fitness training become so popular?

Because people want to do things in the privacy of their own homes, and you can really be specialized while accommodating their schedules.

Who is signing up for these services?

People who want to make a change in their life and they don't know how to do it, and they want a trainer to assist them in the day-to-day things they can do. They want a specific program to lose weight and become more fit.

Do you inspect people's pantries for junk food?

We have done that. And their refrigerators. We've gone shopping with clients and set up personal chefs for them.

Why have so many Americans become obese?

I think it's motivational. People get lost in the hustle of working too much and then forget about taking care of themselves. It's also the way we are surrounded by processed food and huge portion sizes at restaurants. If a person is not aware that they should cut a restaurant portion in half, they end up eating too much. And you have to know to shop the perimeter of the grocery store, where the fruits and vegetables are.

Why have you created a DVD of very short workout programs. Shouldn't they be longer to help people get in shape more effectively?

Well, they say sitting too much is the new health hazard. It's getting up every hour, parking five spaces farther away, taking the stairs, that people need to do. And if you can fit seven minutes of exercise in every day, just do 30 seconds of squats, pushups, jumping jacks, you'd be good to go. .. My goal is to get people to do just a little bit every day.

- Susan Ferrechio