Kendra is a student at Friendship Collegiate Academy in Northeast D.C. and earned a nationally awarded Posse Scholarship, which will give her a full ride to college.

First things first: Where are you going with your scholarship, and why did you choose that school?

Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pa. I didn't want to be too far away from home. I wanted to be close, but not too close.

What does this national scholarship mean to you?

This means that I will not have to pay that much for college, and I really needed money, so this is going to really help me out. This scholarship is going to help me achieve my goal, which is being a psychologist.

What about psychology interests you?

All my life, I always liked helping people, and I've always liked listening. I don't like talking nearly as much. I'm just so interested in learning about people.

You were selected for this scholarship because of your leadership skills and academic strengths. How'd you get where you are?

At my home, school comes first. My dad always told me that he didn't want us to end up like him. He's more strict on us. He took college as a joke, and he didn't end up finishing college.SClB

What about college are you looking forward to?

It's going to be a big reality check. There's going to be more work. Right now, I've been given a lot of work with [Advanced Placement] classes, but in college, I'm on my own. I'm also excited about meeting new people and just being in the vibe of different cultures. SClB

You won't be too far away, but will you miss anything about the District?

I'll miss the liveliness. We're surrounded by people in D.C., and I like that. Not everyone in D.C. is friendly, but I'll miss the friendly faces and all of the people who have helped me out.

- Alan Blinder