Wilson is founder of MtoM Consulting, a D.C.-based marketing firm focused on promoting businesses to moms.

Why focus purely on moms?

They account for more than $2 trillion a year in spending in the U.S. -- it's a very powerful market. My two little boys taught me about the incredible consumer power of moms. The moment we become pregnant we are looking to buy anything that could make our kids' lives better. We are always looking for referrals and advice. It was a logical way to go in the direction of marketing. It's not like we're just marketing baby products. We have a construction company and a real estate agent -- they're all trying to use media techniques to market to a specific audience.

What stands out about Washington-area moms?

This is an interesting area; you have high levels of affluence. We have about 2,000 members in MONA [Moms of North Arlington] alone. It's amazing how many businesses came to us. Women here are very tech savvy. They are on the go, they're busy, whether working moms or stay at home moms. They're not just sitting in front of a computer. Women are very connected; they tend to be involved in different groups.

How do you cater to moms?

You have to have honest messaging. You have to really capture the word of mouth. Moms just want their lives to be easier.

Can moms "have it all?"

No, I can't have it all. I struggle with it everyday. I want to do right by my business and right by my children and husband. It's hard. I'll do the best I can at both. Once I took the pressure off and accepted there was no way to do everything, it all got a little easier. My family will always be the top priority. Women who put pressure on themselves to have it all won't be happy in either role.

-- Brian Hughes