Morgan Fykes is a D.C. blogger and stylist who produces the blog, a D.C. fashion, food and events blog. After graduating more than a year ago from West Virginia University without a job, Fykes decided to start her blog and connect people of the Washington area with fashion and fun events and help them see what it's like to be a D.C. local.

What does your blog cover?

It's mainly an events blog. My events tend to be kind of fashion-, food- and fun-related.

How did you get started?

I started when I finished graduate school and I'm a D.C. native, and I was back in the area but I wasn't working yet. I was still going to a lot of events, and people started asking me about what fun events were in the area, so I started writing about it. Since I was from here, I was doing a lot of this [so] it kind of made sense. People were asking me these questions already.

What's your favorite thing to write about?

I think I tend to like more of the fashion stuff sometimes. Just because that's an area that I'm just now finding my groove in. Also because of the network [I've gained here]. When I go to fashion events, I run into people I know, and it's a community there. Those are the most enjoyable because it's an afternoon with friends. You get to find out what's new, catch up with people, people are dressed to the nines, and people get to play dress up in cool outfits.

How have people liked your blog?

Even some of my mom's friends who have seen it -- that was the most surprising. Some of her friends were like, "I've read through the whole thing." I think a lot of people think that it's just like, "Oh you're writing about events and you're 27, and I might not be interested," but I've found that people of all ages like reading it.

- Kate Jacobson