It's estimated that approximately 7,500 couples will tie the knot nationwide on Wednesday, an iconic date to marry thanks to the 12/12/12 number combination the date provides, according to a survey by David's Bridal. That's a 1,446 percent increase over the 485 brides who wed on Dec. 12 a year ago, the survey found. Kerr, a resident of Stafford, will be a bride Wednesday.

Who's the lucky guy?

I am getting married to Craig Stevens. We actually met at a mutual friend's birthday party. He of course arrived late -- but right on time to meet me. We didn't speak until after the party, but it occurred that we had a connection. ... A girlfriend of mine tried to stop us from talking, but lo and behold, it's been magic ever since.

How did he propose?

He proposed the second-to-last Friday in August. I was having a rough day, and he thought, "What better way to make it a great day?" In the middle of a conversation, he bent down and asked me to marry him.

Why 12/12/12?

We knew we wanted a very memorable date, not just for us but for our family as well. We initially thought of 10/11/12, but that's his brother's birthday, and we didn't want to take away from him. For us it's not so much the number 12, but the date. It's unique, and it'll be a memorable date.

Is it exciting to get married the same day as so many other couples?

I hadn't even thought of anyone else getting married on our special day. ... [But] it's nice to know that others can also share in this special day.

- Ben Giles