Amt owns Framesmith DC, which is reopening on Jan. 12 at a new location on 11th Street Northwest. She also paints and owns Gallery plan b on 14th Street.

What kind of challenges are involved in framing art?

Designing with people and getting to a decision about how to present their artwork that is pleasing to everyone and is going to look good for the artwork. It usually works out just fine.

What has been the most difficult piece of work you've ever had to frame?

I did a couple of large Gene Davis prints for a collector. ... Large things are hard since I work alone, so I have to be able to shift things around on my own.

Who is your favorite artist?

I'd have to say the painter, his name's Odd Nerdrum.

Why is he your favorite?

He's sort of dark and atmospheric. He includes ... spooky people and surreal landscapes and things like that. It all has a little bit of a dark side to it, which I kind of like. And he's very masterful at painting. He paints like an old master from the 16th century, but it's all contemporary work.

Why are you moving locations?

I just needed more space due to some construction in the building I was in. My space got smaller, and it was small already and I couldn't really afford to get any smaller, so I needed to look for a larger space.

What kinds of things do you paint?

I paint sort of industrial stuff. I've recently done a series of bridges and steel mills and stuff like that. I'll also do a series of crows, blackbirds. Some figurative, but not as much lately. A little more industrial and on the dark side, as my inclination goes.

- Naomi Jagoda