Henry, a guitarist and singer for the band the Glenmont Popes, is the founder of Dangerously Delicious, a shop that makes old-fashioned, homemade pies. Rodney owns two Dangerously Delicious locations in D.C. (plus a truck that makes the rounds), one in Baltimore and another in Detroit.

How did you get into pie making?

I was coming off touring on the road with my band, and I didn't have any money, so I would bake pies to give people that I stayed with or that helped me out. Then I started taking them on the road and trying to sell them. I would never sell them, but I ended up trading them for places to stay. I met so many people that way. I lived above a bar and would use their kitchen before they did.

What's the vibe like at Dangerously Delicious?

It's cool. People walk in and aren't sure what to expect. Hopefully, they are feeling really good like it's their own private secret. The people who are baking the pies are not your average pie makers. It's got a little rock and roll feel to it.

Why do you think your pie shops are so successful in D.C.?

Pie is awesome. Pie is the kind of thing where people get pie not to eat by themselves, but they take it somewhere to share it. We put our heart and soul into this stuff. We take it personally. Most people who come in there have a good experience.

How do the pie business and rock and roll complement each other?

A pie is a great thing to travel with. When you have pie with you backstage and you get all the different bands or friends back there ... having pie backstage takes the edge off. A pie will pay for rock and roll. We have bands come in and play at the pie shops, too.

- Abby Hamblin