Mosconi is education director at the Tudor Place Historic House and Garden. The house, once owned by the granddaughter of Martha Washington, is located at 1644 31st St. NW. Besides a collection of items belonging to George and Martha Washington, the property features an elegant garden. Mosconi is gearing up for the sold-out Easter festivities. The Tudor Place regularly hosts teas and other activities for children, as well.

What's coming up?

We have an annual Easter egg hunt with 4,000 eggs. After the egg hunt we do an egg roll. All the kids line up at the top of our hill, they each have a spoon and a hard-boiled egg. They put the egg on the ground and then push the egg down the hill. The kids just have so much fun. It's five and a half acres of gardens. We do egg painting, too. We have wooden eggs that kids can paint. It's just a fun family morning.

The older kids are trying to run in and grab as many eggs as they can, but the little ones are very concerned about the particular egg they want.

Our gardening staff finds eggs for the rest of the year.

Will you play the Easter bunny this year?

No. We have two wonderful interns -- they love working with kids and dressing up in costume and playing pretend. The one bunny on Saturday also regularly plays Fairy Godmother. She really loves to dress up and get to play with kids.

How do they prepare to be the Easter bunny?

They practice in costume, making sure they can see and move around well. We go over their gestures and different prompts, as well as how to deal with children if they are afraid or nervous. They do have a bunny helper who will be giving out prizes.

- Eric P. Newcomer