Martin is the owner of Doll House Pole Fitness. The exercise studio, located in Manassas, officially opened this month.

How did you get involved in pole fitness?

When my husband was in the Marine Corps, he mentioned that one of his female Marines was teaching pole fitness, and I didn't know they had classes for that ... A year later, after I got out of college, I started working, and the idea came up to me again and I researched it with a local studio. So I took an intro class, and I was really hooked after the first spin ... I just got into it because I thought it was going to be fun.

What differentiates pole fitness from pole dancing seen in strip clubs?

Pole fitness you learn actual movements around the pole; you learn spins, climbs, inversions where you go upside down. You a lot of tricks, and it really gives you a full-body workout. Instead of just a strip club, where girls are mainly dancing beside a pole or near a pole.

Why did you choose to open a studio in Manassas?

I chose to open a studio in Manassas because I live in Gainesville, so it's close to my home. And plus ... I wanted to give people in the Prince William County-Manassas area an opportunity to check out pole fitness close to them. There are so many gyms in the area, where I feel like pole dancing is an alternative workout for women where it can be really fun.

What kinds of challenges have you faced opening your first business?

Organizing all my contractors and vendors to get started on the job and get it done.

- Naomi Jagoda