Shoot for Change is what Arlington resident Walter Grio calls his nonprofit photography work: He donates all the proceeds of his photo shoots to a charity of the client's choice. He started taking pictures in March 2006 and founded Shoot for Change in November of that year. He makes no money from his photography and does it in his spare time. So far he has raised $15,000 for charity.

How do you make a living?

I work for Oracle. I'm a software consultant.

What inspired you to start Shoot for Change?

Where it started was in Stockholm, Sweden. A makeup artist asked me to help with her portfolio, so I did it. ... I ended up working with 3 Swedish models. ... They loved the pictures, and a few people asked me to do the same thing, and they would pay me. ... I'm just sitting there in Stockholm thinking, "This is crazy." So I thought of Shoot for Change. ... I think I was overwhelmed that someone would actually pay me for something that I loved to do.

How did you get into photography?

I started traveling for work internationally, and I decided to pick up an entry-level [single-lens reflex camera], a Nikon D50, just to take pictures of where I was as a tourist.

How long had you had your camera when you did the first makeup shoot?

Four months.

How have you taught yourself since then?

I've taken workshops and read books and asked other photographers questions. I see a picture and I say, "How did you do that?" and hopefully they'll tell me.

How much do you charge to do a wedding?

Typically the price would start around $3,500, but that would be negotiable, depending on the wedding and how long they want me there. - Liz Essley