Former Vice President Al Gore participated in an “Ask Me Anything” -- a town-hall style discussion -- on Reddit on Wednesday, but not everyone who participated asked serious questions.

In fact, some people went there to troll. (Troll? On the Internet? Shocking.)

Here are the seven best troll questions:

1. “So have you managed to get your mansion efficient enough to almost be a regular house yet?” – Reddit user Offensive_Statement

This question comes from a 2007 e-mail chain claiming that Gore's main mansion (he owns four now) in Nashville was less energy-efficient than George W. Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas.

The e-mail was deemed true by, which also pointed out that since 2007, Gore has made significant improvements to his home.

Gore responded to the troll, saying that he only uses “carbon-free electricity,” has solar panels on his roof, geothermal wells under his driveway, LED lights, energy-saving windows, a hybrid plug-in car, etc.

Redditors took that response to task, pointing out how expensive it is to be “green.”

“I guess being green requires lots of green,” Redditor PieWithCoolWhip said.

2. “Are you a vegetarian or vegan to help reduce your carbon footprint?” – KasketKase

Several redditors brought up the U.N. study about livestock being a leading cause of global warming because more cows equals more cow flatulence equals more global warming.

Gore had no answer for that one.

3. “Are you embarrassed by the fact that in ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ you show a picture of a coelacanth as an extinct species?” – under_glass

Gore's Oscar-winning global warming propaganda film was released in 2006. The film made an inaccurate claim that animals were going extinct at a rate “1,000 times greater than the natural background rate.”

One of the animals pictured as extinct was a coelacanth. This fish was believed to have disappeared 65 million to 70 million years ago.

But it is not extinct. One very much living coelacanth was caught in 1938, and 170 living ones have been caught since. Surely 68 years was enough headway for Gore to not be caught off guard, right?

4. “Why do you ride in a private jet? Doesn’t this increase your carbon footprint?” – moronic_hobbit

Gore tells Americans that they need to live a more expensive green lifestyle. But to get to his various events promoting a green lifestyle, Gore flies by private jet, and buys carbon credits to offset his footprint … from himself.

5. “Who is Chad? And why is he just… hanging?” - WroteItThenReddit

For those who don’t remember every detail about the 2000 election (and are not fans of “How I Met Your Mother”), a chad refers to the fragment of paper left behind when a hole is punched into a piece of paper.

A hanging chad is when that fragment sticks to the paper by one corner, having not fully been removed. During the 2000 election, thousands of hanging chads on punch-card ballots were disputed in Florida. Many Democrats believed their votes weren’t counted because of that fragment of paper

6. “Did you ever find ManBearPig?” – Rickerco

The sixth episode of South Park's 10th season featured Gore hunting the dangerous ManBearPig, which is “half man, half bear and half pig.”

Sadly, Gore did not answer this question.

7. “What was it like riding the Mighty Moon Worm?” – panorama_change

“Truly awesome!” – Al Gore.