When did America stop being the place for free ideas and free speech? April 3, 2014.

Because on Thursday, the Left figured out how to ruin someone's life with a boycott: Brendan Eich resigned as CEO of Mozilla after the Left crucified him for donating $1,000 -- six years ago -- to the campaign against gay marriage in California.

Many people were fooled when William Saletan, a writer for Slate, penned a satirical article about the whole situation, saying that Eich was “just the beginning,” and calling on his readers to “punish” the 35,000 other people who donated to the same campaign.

“Why do these bigots still have jobs?” Saletan said. “Let’s go get them.”

It's not difficult to see how people were fooled considering what liberals did to Mozilla, and their constant --albeit failed -- attempts to boycott companies and people for having opposing views. So tolerant, right?

Saletan posted several graphics with his article detailing major employers – like Disney and Gap – with employees who donated to the Proposition 8 campaign in California. Saletan notes that money opposing Prop 8 exceeded money in favor, and that even at Mozilla, more donated in opposition.

But that didn't matter to the Left, who decided that Eich — who apparently never discriminated against anyone at the company for being gay — needed to go.

Saletan didn’t put the names of the donors in his article, but he does direct readers to the document where they can find the names. Instead, he pointed out that 37 companies had employees who donated to Prop 8. Yet for some reason Mozilla was singled out.

“If we’re serious about taking down corporate officers who supported Proposition 8, and boycotting employers who promote them, we'd better get cracking on the rest of the list,” Saletan said. "Otherwise, perhaps we should put down the pitchforks."

Saletan is correct to point out the absurdity of the boycott. The perpetual outrage machine doesn't have the hours or manpower to take down every person at every company who supports policies the Left doesn't like. But as Saletan makes clear, if they're not prepared to do that, they shouldn't single out anyone.

Because diversity means weeding out anyone who disagrees, right?