"The Art of the Deal" ghostwriter Tony Schwartz on Wednesday predicted President Trump, whose most famous book he wrote, will end up finding a way to resign because he cannot cope with the appearance of "losing."

"He lacks empathy, the ability to really connect with other people, self-awareness and above all, a conscience ... there is no right and wrong - there is winning and losing," Schwartz told CNN host Anderson Cooper.

"Right now, he is in pure terror that he is going to lose. By the way, he is going to lose. I surely believe that at some point over next period of time, he is going to have to figure out a way to resign," Schwartz added.

"The reason he is going to do that as opposed to go through what could be an impeachment process or a continuing humiliation is that he wants to figure out a way as he has done all his career to turn a loss into a victory. So he will declare victory when he leaves."

Schwartz followed Trump around for months before ghostwriting the 1987 book. As a result of studying his behavior and learning about his past, he said Trump determines his self-worth by what others think of him. The recent criticism in the media and congressional investigations into various aspects of his administration are thus likely pushing him to a breaking point.

"He wants people to love him and to adore him so much that he would like not to have any dissent. He would like not to have a free press because they criticize him. He would like not to be involved in being president in a democracy because that allows people to disagree with him. Those authoritarian instincts are psychological and emotional, not ideological," Schwartz said.