Shortly after her book launch, Gen. David Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell created a Twitter account to promote her personal profile and her book.

Broadwell spent most of her time tweeting at journalists about her book and challenging people to pushup contests. She also posted quotes from famous leaders, which in hindsight might seem a little bit awkward.

Some of the more notable tweets are posted below:

Lashing out at Matt Drudge for Petraeus Veep rumors

Hmmm. Book sales might help. . .

A big fan of being gluten free and Elizabeth Hasselbeck

Thanking Stephen Colbert for flattering remark. . .

Preparing for Jon Stewart’s Daily Show

Would Aristotle agree?

Time to shake things up. . .

A disapproving tweet to Rick Santorum for remarks about women in combat:

Related to Erin Burnett?

Reaching out to Nikki Fitness and Admiral Porky:

Night raiders?

Flirting with night owls. . .

What, you mean like Nicolas Cage? Or the co-author of your book?

Words to live by. . .