President Obama may have had the worst year ever in 2013, but he had plenty of time to golf during his Christmas Hawaii vacation.

On Dec. 20, he held a press conference at the White House right before he left for his vacation

He answered several questions, but it was clear he had one thing on his mind.

And when he got off the plane in Hawaii, it was clear he was excited for one thing.

On the first day of his vacation, guess what he did?

With still a few days remaining, Obama has played golf eight times so far during his scheduled 15-day vacation in Hawaii.

His games have lasted as long as six hours.

When he wasn't playing golf, he was thinking about playing golf.

He putted.

He chipped.

He used a range finder.

He golfed at this amazing course.

He golfed on Christmas Eve and he golfed on New Year's Day.

He golfed with his friends.

He golfed with his staff.

He golfed with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.

He waved at his fans.

Happy New Year, Mr. President! We'll see you when you get back.