Terry McAuliffe’s 2007 autobiography is back in the news this week which has us wondering – what did readers think of it?

Here are some of the best lines from the Amazon book reviews:

  1. You get the feeling that if someone accused McAuliffe of being self-promotional he’d take that as a huge compliment.

  2. Talk about bias though. McAuliffe does sometimes speak about history and events as though he’s the only one who’s got the story straight.

  3. He also tends to think of the Democrats as being pure as the driven snow, and the Republicans as though they are in bed with the devil. Only partisans live that nonsense.

  4. The author has to be forgiven for his partisanship because he has so much invested in the GAME.

  5. His stories on boar hunting are dead on accurate. I’ve done this, and the man knows what he is talking about.

  6. This review from former Clinton adviser Paul Begala:
  7. I went to hear TMcA read in NYC last night… what a blast! He is the quintessential Irish pol (by way of upstate New York who has, curiously, picked up an occasional Southern accent)

  8. I can’t remember laughing out loud as much since first reading “Lonsome Dove.” (sic) I could not put it down.

  9. I’m a liberal Democrat and I like political memoirs. But this guy is so full of himself and such a name dropper, that I found it obnoxious. The inside stories here are about raising money, not about making policy.

  10.  This is a wonderfully, wonderfully written book about the down and dirty of politics, and Terry McAuliffe certainly does the down and dirty of politics just about as well as anyone.

  11.  Sadly, the result is a book that makes Terry seem narcissistic, as I discuss further below. I’ve read dozens of political memoirs, and this is by far the worst.

  12.  In the book, Terry speaks in the voice of his wife and children, almost saying that they were so proud of him sacrificing his life with them for his country.

  13. The tone of the book is always positive and upbeat but so much so that he ends up painting a Disney utopia, a distorted reality of the Democratic Party that seems to be a delusional, cultish fantasy where people make mistakes but Terry never does.

  14. Terry even does a disservice to Bill Clinton. His only accounts of Clinton are about their playing golf together. One comes away with the impression that that’s all that Clinton did during his presidency: play golf with Terry and hold Terry in his confidence.

  15. After reading this book, you are left with no conclusion other than Terry must be an extremely insecure and narcissistic man.

  16. When I started I was sorry I wasn’t in it and when I finished I was jealous I didn’t write it. Buy it!

  17. Don’t click this . . .

  18.  If you take nothing else from this book, remember one thing… if someone offers you a drink, you drink it!