Whoops, our mistake. Turns out the person we told you was smoking weed, driving recklessly, collapsing onstage, fighting with paparazzi and spitting in his neighbor's face isn't Justin Bieber. It's Selena Gomez.

Selena hasn't taken over his body, like Patrick Swayze jumping into Whoopi Goldberg in "Ghost," but his behavior is all her fault cuz she's sending him mixed messages, Justin's pals tell TMZ.

Justin was "torn apart" when Selena ended their relationship in December by walking out on their vacation in Mexico, and now the "As Long As You Love Me" singer feels "tortured" because she won't make a clean break. Apparently, JB visited Selena at her LA home last week not as an act of desperation, but because she's calling him all the time, stringing him along.

The latest channel for Selena's dastardly mind control scheme is the film "Spring Breakers," so it won't be long till Justin's wearing a bikini and robbing convenience stores.

Practical Magic

In the notoriously homophobic world of professional sports, Kobe Bryant is stepping up and telling TMZ it's no big deal that Magic Johnson's son Earvin Johnson III, aka EJ, has come out as gay -- or that his famous dad is cool with it.

"Of course Magic is supportive of and loves his son," says the "K.O.B.E." rapper, who also plays basketball. "Why should anyone be surprised?"

You may recall that hours after the son of Magic and Earlitha "Cookie" Kelly was spotted holding hands with his boyfriend, Magic told the press, "Cookie and I love EJ and support him in every way."

Kobe says he understands where his fellow Lakers legend is coming from, concluding, "What I can't tolerate is a lack of tolerance."

We don't suggest thinking about that quote for too long.

Quick Takes

Heather Morris, who plays cheerleader Brittany on "Glee," is expecting her first child, fathered by high school sweetheart Taylor Hubbell, Us reports.

Lady Gaga is up and out of her gold-plated wheelchair, photographed heading to yoga class in New York City six weeks after hip surgery.

Former "Girl Next Door" Kendra Wilkinson quit NBC's diving show "Splash," citing fear of heights and spats with Olympian Greg Louganis.

The celebrity hackers have returned, posting the financials of Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Dennis Rodman, Michael Vick and Robert De Niro.

Say What?

"Nora was just a magnificent hang. ... You could be working, and you could be talking about personal things, you could be on vacation and talking about cultural history, you could be having a very lazy breakfast and you would be talking about Saddam Hussein. Nora was ... fascinated by everything. She was always doing things that were so interesting. She told me, 'Never turn down a front-row seat for human folly.' "
- Tom Hanks, to the audience after the opening night of his Broadway debut, "Lucky Guy," written by his friend Nora Ephron, who lost her battle with leukemia in June. Of his emotional curtain call, Tom told the New York Post, "That was a tough moment. We were going to do this, and Nora and [show director] George C. Wolfe were going to walk out onstage. I miss her. What more can you say?"

What the Stars Are Blogging

"I'll be able at last to do what I've always fantasized about doing: reviewing only the movies I want to review."
- Roger Ebert, the Chicago Sun-Times movie critic of 46 years. Roger's cancer has returned, forcing him to scale back his reviewing duties.

Happy birthday for April 4:

Actress Jamie Lynn Spears ("Zoey 101") is 22.
Comedian David Cross ("Arrested Development," "Mr. Show") is 49.

Actor Robert Downey Jr. is 48.

Actress Nancy McKeon is 47.

Country singer Clay Davidson is 42.

Singer Josh Todd of Buckcherry is 42.

Singer Jill Scott is 41.

Bassist Magnus Sveningsson of the Cardigans is 41.

Magician David Blaine is 40.

Singer Kelly Price is 40.

Singer Andre Dalyrimple of Soul for Real is 39.

Actor James Roday ("Psych") is 37.

Actress Natasha Lyonne ("Slums of Beverly Hills," ''American Pie) is 34.

Bassist Craig Adams of the Cult is 51.

Actor Hugo Weaving is 53.

Writer-producer David E. Kelley is 57.

Actress Mary-Margaret Humes is 59.

Singer Steve Gatlin of the Gatlin Brothers is 62.

Actress Christine Lahti is 63.

Actor Craig T. Nelson is 69.

Author-poet Maya Angelou is 85.