Hey, Mary-Louise Parker, you can quit with the method acting. "Weeds" is over.

Anybody who's seen the hit Showtime series, which concluded its eighth and final season in September, knows Mary-Louise is pretty convincing as a drug dealer who doesn't mind getting her hands dirty when cash is on the line. But could a real-life money matter inspire a homophobic outburst in the actress?

That's what Daniel Seldin, owner of a Saugerties, N.Y., antique shop, claimed in a police report, according to TMZ.

Mary-Louise visited the shop on Jan. 2 with a friend, but it wasn't to browse -- Daniel owed the actress's friend a check after selling one of her purses. The man refused to pay MLP's friend, at which point the actress supposedly screamed, "Do you want to wake up tomorrow? I'll make one phone call." Daniel also says the "Fried Green Tomatoes" star called him the F-word, and we don't mean the one with four letters.

Mary-Louise's rep tells TMZ the shop owner is a publicity hound who recognized that Mary-Louise is a celebrity and tried to drum up attention by claiming she threatened his life.

Whether life in fact imitated art in this instance -- mission accomplished, Dan.

Quick Takes

Texas-born Van Cliburn, winner of the first Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition in Moscow, has died at 78.

It's splitsville for Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen, who met filming Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris."

Cops tell TMZ that Lindsay Lohan's breath smelled of alcohol when she wrecked her Porsche in June.

Olympic swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte turned down "Dancing with the Stars," Us reports.

Wiz Khalifa's baby mama, Amber Rose, tweeted that breastfeeding "kinda hurts" but is "so worth it."

Say What?

"Not sure how I can be 'terminated' from a band that I founded, fronted, and co-wrote many of its biggest hits, but that's something for the lawyers to figure out."

- Stone Temple Pilots lead singer Scott Weiland, who was fired from the band Wednesday. "I learned of my supposed 'termination' from Stone Temple Pilots this morning by reading about it in the press," the 45-year-old rocker also said in the statement. Scott, who has a history of substance abuse, was fired from Velvet Revolver, a supergroup with folks such as ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash, in 2008 after five years with the band.

Happy birthday for Feb. 28:

Actor Bobb'e J. Thompson ("The Tracy Morgan Show") is 17.

Singer Jason Aldean is 36.

Actress Ali Larter ("Heroes") is 37.

Actor Rory Conchrane ("24," "CSI: Miami) is 41.

Singer Pat Monahan of Train is 44.

Actor Robert Sean Leonard is 44.

Actress Rae Dawn Chong is 52.

Singer Cindy Wilson of the B-52's is 56.

Actor John Turturro is 56.

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried is 58.

Actress Mercedes Ruehl is 65.

Actress Bernadette Peters is 65.

Actress Stephanie Beacham ("Beverly Hills, 90210," "The Colbys") is 66.

Actress Kelly Bishop is 69.

Actor Frank Bonner ("WKRP in Cincinnati") is 71.

Actor-director-dancer Tommy Tune is 74.

Actor Gavin MacLeod is 82.