Taylor's got a stalker, too

We're on a roll. After yesterday's report of a crazed Twitter fan going to Ashley Tisdale's house after tweeting her 18,888 different messages since last November, we've got another one for you -- and this one's a doozy.

A 22-year-old Chicago man loves country cutie Taylor Swift so much that he swam one mile to her beach-side home in Rhode Island, according to TMZ. Sorry, Ash, but Tay wins the award for craziest stalker. Maybe next time ...

The police didn't have to do a whole lot of investigating, since the man admitted to swimming up to the beach in front of Taylor's house early Wednesday morning.

Ever heard of your Miranda rights, guy?

So here's what went down:

The cops saw Taylor's stalker rising from the ocean about a mile from her pad, which wouldn't seem that out of the ordinary -- except for the fact that it was almost 2:30 in the morning.

Being the diligent police that they are, the officials questioned the guy. We imagine it went something like this: "What the [expletive] are you doing here at this time of night?" they demand. To which the man nonchalantly replies, "Why swimming, of course. Oh, and I was going to see Taylor Swift." The stalker pauses to make a sad face. "But then I saw Tay Tay's big, buff security guards nearby and decided I should probably abort the mission and swim back to wherever I came from. Wait, where did I come from?"

The "fan" was arrested for trespassing -- a serious offense, according to the Westerly Police Department: "There is a zero tolerance policy for trespassers."

Check back Friday to see if we keep the celeb-stalking streak going.

- Elizabeth Larner

Say what?

"See, here's the thing that you need to understand: I'm not going anywhere. The thing that people don't get is everything at this house is free! So I can get anything and everything at [my dad's] house, so I'm going to be there 20, 30 more years." - Jaden Smith, dispelling rumors that he wants to be emancipated from his parents, on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

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