Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., delivered crucial support to the 2009 package of healthcare subsidies, mandates, and regulations known as Obamacare. Back then, the drug industry pledged to help any Democratic senators endangered by their support of the bill. They seem to be still delivering today.

In her 2014 re-election, Hagan has raised more money from the "Pharmaceuticals/Health Products" industry than any other industry according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Her $390,000 in drug money is more than 10 times what Republican Thom Tillis has brought in from the industry. Health insurers and hospitals have also heavily favored Hagan, according to CRP's data.

That bit of background makes the new ad featuring the fictional action figures "Kronies" so fitting.

A kid tells his mom he wants to be a "Krony" when he grows up. The mom suggests he run for Senate like Hagan and pass bills benefitting special interests and hurting regular families.

The new Krony character introduced here is General Surgeon. ("His retractable shield deflects competition and hides the true cost of care!")

The power of these ads, produced by the free-market, youth-oriented Generation Opportunity, is that they tap into one of the main objections to Obamacare: It was passed in sketchy ways as an insider deal. GenOpp also has ads like this targeting vulnerable incumbent Democratic Sens. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Mark Begich of Alaska.