In a video obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama tells an audience of black ministers in June of 2007 at Hampton University in Virginia that the U.S. government shortchanged Hurricane Katrina victims.

“The federal response after Katrina was similar to the response we saw after the riots in LA,” Obama insists. “People in Washington, they wake up, they’re surprised: ‘There’s poverty in our midst! Folks are frustrated! Black people angry!’ Then there’s gonna be some panels, and hearings, and there are commissions and there are reports, and then there’s some aid money, although we don’t always know where it’s going — it can’t seem to get to the people who need it — and nothin’ really changes, except the news coverage quiets down and Anderson Cooper is on to something else.”

Obama concludes: “America will survive. Just like black folks will survive. We won’t forget where we came from. We won’t forget what happened 19 months ago, or 15 years ago, or 300 years ago.”