President Obama's evolution from pop star to election liability has been nothing short of astonishing, from Greek pillars and promises to lower the oceans to vulnerable Democratic lawmakers carefully avoiding him as they campaign for re-election.

And these lawmakers aren't alone in their worries over being seen with the president.

Indeed, a majority of U.S. voters now say they'd avoid being seen with Obama if they were Democratic lawmakers running for office, according to a new Fox News survey.

The survey, which was conducted from July 20-22 and contains a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points, found that 57 percent of the the 1,057 randomly chosen U.S. adults aged 18 or older say they'd avoid Obama's “help” if he offered it to their campaign.

“The new poll re-asked a question from 2010 to test the president’s influence: If you were running for office as a Democratic candidate this year, would you want President Obama to campaign for you?” the report asked. “While 41 percent of voters say yes, over half — 57 percent — say no, they wouldn’t want Obama on the campaign trail with them.”

“In 2010 the results were much more balanced: 48 percent wanted the president to campaign for them, while 50 percent wanted him to stay home. Among Democrats, four years ago fully 82 percent wanted Obama to campaign on their behalf. That’s down to 69 percent in the new poll, a drop of 13 points,” the report added.

Roughly 38 percent said of independents said in 2010 that they'd welcome Obama's help. Now, only 32 percent of self-described independents say they'd accept the president's help.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.