Henry Winkler, a.k.a. Fonzie or "the Fonz" from "Happy Days," shared some thoughts Saturday on what he thinks is President Trump's "life's bread," or "life's blood."

During an interview with conservative MSNBC host Hugh Hewitt, Winkler opined that Trump, the celebrity businessman-turned-president, is not an actor.

Winkler said he does "believe that [Trump] is completely self-possessed or obsessed. And it's very interesting. This is what he does. When the crowd goes wild for him, he moves his ear closer to the sound. You watch it; it happens every time."

Asked what that might mean, Winkler replied, "That his life's bread; his life's blood is the sound of appreciation or adulation or whatever."

"Isn't that every actor?", Hewitt asked.

Winkler replied, "Not every actor, no."

In talking about the hostile media environment that Trump faces, Winkler said Trump has "imposed a veneer that keeps him like he is in bubble wrap."

"Like he is not connected to – or doesn't have the empathy to be connected and has created this thing where, do we love to hate him? I don't love hating him because I wish it was different," he said.

Winkler repeatedly skirted around saying anything positive about Trump.

When asked about whether he has any optimism at all concerning Trump, he replied, "I, as a human being, am always a looking for the pony in the pile of poop."

More to the point, Hewitt asked if he had anything good to say about Trump.

"I'll get back to you on that," Winkler said after a moment of thinking.

Winkler, who shot a campaign ad for former President Barack Obama back in 2008, did, however, have some nice things to say about former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.