“I would love to be characterized as a mini-Baucus,” Russ Sullivan, staff director for Sen. Max Baucus, told the Washington Post three years ago. “I’m doing my absolute dead-level best to think as much like him and become as much like him as I can. That’s what I want to do.”

That Post article also says Sullivan “played a central role in hammering out the details of last year’s landmark health care legislation and in cajoling enough moderates to support the bill.”

So, it’s no surprise to learn he’s joining a K Street lobbying firm with Pharma clients.

McGuire Woods chairman Richard Cullen says:

With his experience and keen insight into complex issues like taxation and changes in the healthcare market, it is no wonder that so many considered him the most sought-after staff member to leave Capitol Hill this past year. As we continue to expand the platform of services the law firm and our consulting group offer our clients, we are excited that Russ will be a part of that growth here at his new home at McGuireWoods.