Jonathan Sheiner was a long-time aid to Rep. Charlie Rangel, and when Rangel became Ways & Means chairman, Sheiner joined the committee staff. His main issue was housing, but he worked on health-care policy in 2009 and 2010, when Ways & Means was one of three House committees to craft the health-care bill.

So it's fitting that Sheiner, like many staffers who helped write the health-care "reform," should cash out and become a lobbyist. Last week, Jonathan Sheiner LLC registered its 2nd and 3rd clients, with all three clients being health-care companies -- hospitals and device makers, specifically. The lobbies for both these industries endorsed the heath-care bill.

I call this phenomenon "The Great Healthcare Cashout," and I've been tracking the staffers cashing out here. Additionally, at least two congressmen who voted for ObamaCare -- Reps. Earl Pomeroy and Bart Stupak -- have cashed out to be health-care lobbyists. So has liberal "reform" advocate Ralph Neas.