Biden at odds with British Empire

During his visit to India, Vice President Joe Biden praised the nation for beating England in cricket.

“As an Irish-American it pleased my heart to see you beat Britain, England,” he said proudly.

That’s a joke by the way for the press,” he added. I don’t want to hear a headline: ‘Biden at odds with British Empire,’ you know?” he said. “But it does make me feel good.”

Biden noted that when he was first elected to Congress, he received a letter from a man in Mumbai who suggested they might be related.

"And so I was thinking about it, if that's true, I might run here in India for office," Biden joked as the crowd laughed. "I might be qualified. But I’ve never followed up on it. But now that I’m back for the multiple times, I’m going to follow up to find out whether there is a Biden and whether we’re related. I hope he’s in good standing if we are."